Thursday, January 26, 2006


Eytan Ben Meir Sensei, 6th Dan, at Centeraikido

On January 13, 2006, a single Black belt test (Shodan) was held at Centeraikido. The examination was held by Eytan Ben Meir Sensei, 6th. Dan. The one being examined was Guy Vivante Lavi. The test was concluded by his receiving his first degree Black Belt, after over 6 years of training.

What is a black belt ?

When we were younger, and some kid was picking on another kid (who was usually smaller or weaker), the best line the weaker kid could come up with would be: "watchout, my brother is a black belt"!!!

Well, we have not grown up that much since then. Most of us still think that a black belt in Aikido is some testament to our strength or value, in some absolute way. So we naturally want to be recognised for our value, so naturally we seek the black belts.

A black belt (Dan) in aikido serves 3 purposes:

1. To test the student who is taking the exam, for the student to sense his abilities and level of knowledge .

2. An opportunity for the student's teacher to see his quality of teaching.

3. An opportunity for the teacher to present his work for evaluation - to his teacher.

Once these 3 prerequisites occure - then there is a real value to a black belt. These also connect teacher and student. A student's teacher becomes a student of his teacher, making sure that learning is a continual process.

In the test held in January 2006, this is the lineage:

Eytan Ben Meir Sensei, 6th Dan - District head CAA in Israel

Gadi Marus - chief of Centeraikido, Dan 2

Guy Vivante Lavi - new Shodan, centeraikido

We all congratulate Guy Vivante for his accomplishment.

Centeraikido aikidoka and Gadi Marcus.